Thursday, June 26, 2014

2 Weeks Off

A few weeks ago I applied for and took a job at McD's in our hometown. Just put myself available for 2 days three hours a day. I've been getting a few hours every week, was maxed out this week. However, I have the next two weeks off. First one because I want to go to Fort Plain's 4th on the 3rd. They hold this big carnival, there are games, crafts, and I'm hoping they once again have the raptor display. Last year there were a gazillion garage sales too, so that is something also worth checking out. 

Mergansers at the lake last fall

The following week I asked for no hours because both mother and mother in law will be on their vacations. Mom will be up to the lake (whoop whoop) and its the husband's parents anniversary. So while the mother-in-law was happy to still watch Peggy I would like to hit the lake every chance we can. Can we say FISHING!! Cabin 2 allows for that contagious delight right from the porch, so Miss P will be safe, and I can still enjoy myself!

And for now I must go see to my plethora of livestock. Miss Red Hen has decided to go broody, so I will somehow be making the trek over to a former professor's farm to pick up some turkey eggs for her to set. Yippy!

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