Friday, June 27, 2014

Funky Friday

Woke up to an eerie gray fog this morning. After a long night of having a hard time sleeping, I snuggled Peggy to nurse and we dozed together for a few hours. The fog is still shrouding the valley and the nearby mountains. Bird song rolls out through it beckoning the sun to rise and wash the trees with its golden hues. The weekend looms in the unknown mists. All that is for certain now is the John Deere A is going to be hauled down to the farm for use on the elevator. The old pop pop is going to get its first work out in many a year as it powers the winters feed and money source into the ancient mow. 

Not hatching eggs, merely eating eggs, but now...

Today however I get to go see a former college professor and obtain a few turkey eggs for hatching. My old red hen went broody quite suddenly. Since we aren't sure Mr Rooster is doing his job right now, and we don't know if we have just female guineas or if one is a boy, the good Doc offered me a few of her turkey hatching eggs. I've decided I'll stick them under Red take out roughly half the guinea eggs, and then in 5 or 6 days shove 2 or 3 chicken eggs under her. This could be a very interesting site should one or two of each hatch. I don't know of any other hens that would be foster mothering 3 species. Just imagine, one red snarky old hen, with say 2 small peeping guineas, 2 tall long legged turkeys, and two feather footed chicks of her own ilk. Could be quite the spectacle. 

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A. Montgomery said...

Good looking eggs Liz, but I'd rather see pictures of Peggy Ann!