Sunday, August 24, 2014

It's That Time of Year Again

Scary as it is. 

Summer is essentially officially over. Not that we've had much of one, what with the wet and chill days with little sun, and very few hot muggy days.

My darling nephew last year with Diamond.
O and my sweet husband too.

But now it will feel as though its all done. Fonda Fair truck in is tomorrow. Today we will go borrow a horse trailer from the husband's darling aunt, and go over and decorate our stalls. This year we are doing a pirate theme. Should be fun and definitely interesting. We have little fish for the water and sparkly letters. Fun fun.

We're taking two ponies and one rooster this year. BlackJack was less than impressed with his bath yesterday. And I predict today Diamond will react much the same to hers. Then there is the clipping they must both deal with, O Lord what was I thinking? Cows, while more complicated, are still so much easier. O well it must be done, and once finished both will shine like the gems they are.

Last years stall design. 
Not as creative but it worked.

For now it's chore time. Turkeys, chickens, guineas and equines alike all beggeth for their breakfasts and romp times outside. 

Any and all who live in the Mohawk Valley and are near enough to enjoy the splendor of the fair come on over and visit. Cows of the beef and dairy variety, ponies and mules and horses of every shape size and color, chickens and turkeys and pheasants, o and the little fluffy bunnies await to delight the senses of young and old alike. Ferris wheels, bumper cars and the bus that goes round and round sit silent now, waiting to light up the night skies and thrill small and large children of all ages as they dance to the age old music of the carnival. We hope to see you there!

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