Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Another Summer Gone

Well summer is pretty much over. Fonda Fair, the 173rd edition this year, is over once more. The fairgrounds is back to being a veritable ghost town. Gone are the carnival lights, horses and cows, chickens and ducks all went back home yesterday after a long week of oohing and ahing from crowds of city and country folks desperate to cling to the last vestige of a cool damp summer before the buses run once more. 

Mini horse pulls, so fun to watch

The sights and sounds were certainly there to delight even the most fair hardened senses. From bright cotton candy and candy adorned apples, to sausage sandwiches and chicken gyros any one who left the fair hungry certainly missed out, prices were even fairly reasonable for a change. 

Now the show tack and show birds and ponies are all put up again for next summer. Mr. Blue did quite well for us, winning his class despite being in molt. The chicken barn does a lovely dessert exchange when they pass out the awards and ribbons. We got to meet some lovely new folks and re-connect to some old friends.

McCalls KL Crimson, aka Diamond, did me very proud. We got a second in open obstacle pony. The course was relatively simple, with just 5 obstacles, a bridge, rails to back thru, cones,  and a set of jumps with noodles at the end. In hand pony, which is a conformation class, she got a 3rd in. Last year we had 3rd and 5th in the same classes respectively so I'm very happy with the way we finished out this year. 

So now its time to get ready for winter. More chicken coops need to be built, the turkeys need to be finished growing, and somehow Mom and I need to put up more vegetables for the brutal weather we have coming. If the chilly summer is anything to go by winter is going to be a nightmare.

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lisa said...

Yes, time to get ready for winter. Great pictures, I missed a lot of the classes. We forgot all about the best of the fair and that is the harnesses.