Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dull and Dreary

Today is just one of those days best spent in doors. Cold and crisp it's trying its best to rain, or perhaps its worst. It's both my father and niece's birthday today. I baked up a big batch of butterscotch cookies to serve as a cake for dad. Even covered them in candy sprinkles. 

So now, while Peggy plays in her little pen, I'm going to enjoy a hot cup of mint tea, and then perhaps bake some lovely garlic rolls to accent the leftovers that we will be having from yesterday for our dinner again today. 


A. Montgomery said...

Bet the whole house smells good.
Love you. Gram

joated said...

Mmmm Garlic rolls!

Today's the kind of day meant for hibernating...or, at least, thinking of hibernating. Next to a warm, dry fire.

Paintsmh said...

Gram, they were so good! Almost gone though.

Joated, There is consideration for beef and barley soup with vegetables to go with the rolls....Friday needs to get here quickly