Monday, September 15, 2014

New Ladies

Sunday was the local poultry and small animal swap. We stopped over to pick up a Mottled Cochin hen my husband bought for me. She is a gorgeous girl. Sadly Mottled is a color which is completely recessive, so short of owning a male for her she will only pass on her genetics but they won't be shown in her offspring. However, we're hopeful we can get a rooster next year from either the same lady we have bought nearly all of our other Cochin breeding stock from or perhaps find someone selling hatching eggs of them. 

Black-Mottled hen

A side benefit of the day was picking up a Blue Standard from her as well. We got our blue Frizzle and the blue rooster from her earlier in the year. She had offered me several but we just couldn't quite afford them. So we had decided on just the Mottled for me as she didn't want to separate a black and blue pair she had, for the same reason as we didn't want the entire pair, no room for another rooster to board out the winter. We were offered the option, as she had turned the pair into a trio, if they hadn't sold by noon to get the hen we'd wanted to add into the flock. While we had intended to leave right after picking up my hen, we stuck around, and did end up with another beautiful bird.

Blue standard hen

We were blessed to be introduced to a gentleman who breeds and raises exotics. This included Golden, Reeves and Lady Amhrest's pheasants, pea cocks and various sizes and types of quail. I peppered him with probably a million questions that I've had, and we now have plans for a pair of each of the pheasants in the next year, as well as getting a pair or trio of peacocks from him to compliment our lonely lady. The swaps are deadly to the poultry connoisseur as they offer such a delectable variety of the normal laying bird, right up to the most brilliant and exciting exotics, generally for a very reasonable price. 

Next month's swap is tentative pending amiable weather conditions. I'm sincerely hoping there is one, as even if one goes without intentions of purchasing anything it is a joyous trip!

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