Wednesday, September 24, 2014

More babies

Some of the new crew

Okay, so, I'll admit it, I've become a chicken addict. Actually a poultry addict. We have so few cows now, and well I need some animal to focus on. Mom once said if I'd been born in the city I'd be wrangling pigeons. I'm certainly not a fan of them, but give me a 100 or so layers, a handful of exotics, a few of this and that in the poultry species and I can content myself without a hundred head of cows. 

This past weekend, the husband and I were as crazy busy as ever. Saturday we ran around like crazy people, doing banking, running to Runnings for feed, birthday presents for little niece's, and this and that in the grocery department at other various stores. Then Sunday we hit up Sundae on the Farm, which was its usual delight. Huge varieties of live stock, including Kuhn Kuhn pigs, an emu and a bunch of goats delighted young and old alike. After several hours spent visiting old friends and wandering with family with the other niece and nephew we went to my husband's brother and sister in laws place to pick up some more chicks...

Got anything we can eat?

What was supposed to just be 10 chicks quickly turned into 16. Our next batch of layers, after all birds molt and stop laying every so often, and young fresh layers are always a good thing to have coming on. 

Cool marked chick

These guys are a mixed breed batch. Some are cream and white, some are white and black, some are the most delightful combination of black, cream brown and gold, and still others are plain black with muffs. R has a mixed flock from Murray McMurray of rainbow layers. Some are plain white Leghorns, some are I think Rhode Island Reds, one is a gorgeous Silver Spangled Hamburg that I keep begging him to sell me, and then there are a few other varieties that I'm not 100% sure what exactly they are.  His rooster is a gorgeous but cranky tempered Ameraucauna, white with gold and black streaks. As such each of these chicks has a chance to lay blue or green eggs. Several I'm sure are going to be white or brown layers, but a few look to be green for certain. Watch those ones be roos for my soup pot.

Does this pose work boss?

On to another hectic and crazy week, followed by an even crazier weekend.

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