Friday, September 26, 2014

Tom Foolery

Our turkeys are so good at amusing us. We've been debating whether we had 2 or 3 toms and 3 or 4 hens. I was sure it was 3 and 3. Sure enough we have an even split. Three fantabulous toms and 3 cute as buttons hens.

My dear husband figured out how to get them to strut for me so I could get photos. He recorded some hen and tom calls on his phone and maxed the volume out. I just love watching these guys strut their stuff. So very fun. And they are so silly about it. An hour later any time my husband walked up to their run they started right back in. Evidently they have decided he is a trespassing tom and he is not welcome near their ladies. 

We finally decided on which tom and which hen we'll be keeping. There is a particularly large and engaging tom with a fantastic attitude. He's going to be spared the chopping block. And the mid sized hen with a large amount of white to her feathering will be his lady friend. Our hope is since we are pretty sure they are not actually the BB Bronze we all ordered that they will be able to breed next spring and we can hatch out our own poults instead of paying out the nose for them. I guess time will tell. There is also my little white mutt turkey poult in the grow out batch right now. Still haven't figured out if that is a tom or a hen yet, but either way it will be sticking around for the time being.

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