Thursday, September 11, 2014

Take a Moment

13 years have passed since the terror attacks on the US. Hard to believe on that morning I was a normal kid getting ready for school, content in the knowledge my world was as safe as could be. 

I can remember a class mate coming in to class late saying someone had flown a plane into the first tower. Thinking it was some sick joke. 

Then, one class later, my parents coming to take us home, in fear of everything else that could and would happen that day. 

To this day I can remember the heart pounding fear and despair as we worried for the people on the planes and trapped within the buildings. 

So today on that tragic day's anniversary, stop as you go about your busy life, and take a moment to say a pray for our nation, the innocent people who lost their lives as they worked in their offices or flew to destinations never reached, and to remember the ones who went down as heroes in that Pennsylvania field. And make sure you don't forget the first responders, firemen and women and all the other rescue workers who faced the rubble at Ground Zero and the Pentagon. They saw things no one should ever be forced to face.

God bless America and all of her people.

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