Friday, October 03, 2014

Baking Day

Yesterday was definitely a baking day. I had a mind numbing migraine when I got up, so I called in sick to work. By late afternoon I felt okay, not better, but well enough to fix some things to go with dinner. Namely a double batch of apple crisp, and a double batch of a recipe that was shared on a page I follow on Facebook for a no-knead peasant bread. 

Prepared ready for the oven apple crisp

All baked and ready to eat with a bit of ice cream

The apple crisp is my mom's recipe for rhubarb crisp altered slightly for apples. Add a bit of cinnamon to both the apple mix and the top crumb layer and delicious is definitely the name of the game. I had a big bag of seconds apples I bought that were slowly getting beyond use so putting them into a crisp was a good way to eat them and salvage what was left of the batch.

Risen ready to be punched down and split 

One of four delightfully golden loaves

Two loaves sliced and ready to eat with pasta yum

The peasant bread was fantastic. I was a bit hesitant to make 2 batches but I figured how bad could it be? I'm exceedingly glad I did, as there wouldn't be any left for dinner tonight if I hadn't. The bread is some of the best I've ever made, and I intend to make another double batch Saturday morning to go with dinner Saturday and Sunday nights. I figure if I repeat that the next week or so we can really enjoy fresh bread with most of our meals, and it will keep me busy in the mornings after the husband leaves for work. I've been trying to get another hour or so rest after he takes off at 4 am but it just doesn't work. Once I'm up well that is pretty much it. Today I managed another hours sleep, but that required a half hour hot shower and about 2 hours of staring at the ceiling before I drifted off. Mixing bread and rising it seems like a good use of that time instead.

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