Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Roo

They are so cute together!

Two weekends ago the husband took me down to Middleburgh to pick up a new rooster. This one is a bitty banty Cochin. He's partridge  colored and has a bit of an attitude. However, he is a delightful splash of color in the grow out coop with Miss Laura and her plethora of charges. We're quite happy with him. And considering the lady just messaged me on Facebook and gave him to me, as she had far too many roosters of many different varieties and he was bound for the freezer I certainly can't complain about anything involving him. He was much more in my price range for a mate for Laura than a lot of other small sized roosters were, and he is young, less than a year, so he will do well for us I believe. 

He's always having a bad feather day

My chicks from my brother-in-law are doing fantastically. Growing well, and I think I may have a fairly decent split of hens to future dinners. Hard to tell at this point as they don't have all their feathers yet, but I'm hopeful. 

See the golden-tan bands on its wings? Should be 
beautiful when it matures.

Laura's adoptees are looking great. The white turkey poult is developing these lovely bands of golden hue to his/her feathers (still no clue whether that one is male or female). The blue cochin-EE cross is gorgeous. We THINK its a pullet. We however are totally unsure. Should it prove to be of the other persuasion I think we will just put it in with the chickens that are our laying flock after we move the cochin breeding birds we have into their own facility. My guineas are the ugliest cutest things in the world. They make a horrible racket all day, but to watch them bomb around their outdoor pen chasing the turkey, chick and the two mature birds is hilarious. None of the others is so good for a gut busting laugh as they are.

Turkey and blue baby, so adorable


lisa said...

I think I am going to start calling you the chicken lady ;-)

Paintsmh said...

Not too far from the truth. I'd really like to turn this into a business, I have the time, and the space. Trouble is that it is hard to get started. We seriously need an incubator. I think Jade's going to get me a fancy circulated air one with an egg turner for Christmas :)