Monday, March 30, 2015

Wild Ride

Uhm I know I like just ate an hour ago...but plleeeaaseee

Things sure have been busy here on the farm. The cornish rock cross chicks my brother, husband and I picked up are growing so quickly that well needless to say they are 3-5 times the size of the layer group we picked up the same time. Al's "specialty" straight run chicks are turning into the most gorgeous red spangled birds. I believe they may be Welsummers but until they are fully feathered out I'm not going to say for sure. My Ameracaunas are feathering out into an amazing and splendid array of colors. From dark deep brown, the color of a mink, to soft hues of tan and black they delight the eyes. The red sex links...well...they are just a plain old red. But still a nice chick to watch grow. 

Klondike is developing quite the bum...

My does (rabbits) are due in about 3-7 days. Give or take. I'm fairly certain both are pregnant, as their bellies are like small soft balls underneath them, where previously they were just nice sleek stream lined girls. I'm so excited by the prospect of both rabbit kits to put in the grow out to fill our freezers with another source of meat, and babies to be pets and give me a little extra income potential at the swap meets this year. The husband and I are trying very very hard to get a good base of livestock diversity, Hence our other new critters.

For some reason the girls will only use these 2 boxes, out of 10 :/

Thursday night I got a private message on facebook, from a friend, about another wonderful sheep and dog handler/breeder, who had a pair of bum ram lambs available. So now in a "jug" in the pen with my Clun Forest-Border Leichester crosses are a pair of WONDERFUL Scottish Black Face rams. We are planning to get a few bred ewes this fall from the same lady, as she plans to reduce her flock, and well the husband fell right in love with her boys and girls. If we had the money and space we'd buy a lot more than just a handful!

One of the Turkens I bought Al, LOVING this chick! 

Bunch of babes, see how much bigger the Cornish (whites) are?

The weekend was spent run run Rudophing. We went to the grandparents and pulled Grandpa's plow off his truck and got it summerized so to speak. Hubs got the oil changed in his truck (only like 1500 miles over due, on a "regular" truck not such a big deal, on an ancient dodge with 240000+ miles? Definitely not a good thing to do on a continuous basis). Then there is all the "normal" weekend stuff. Feed store runs, moving this that or the other thing so there is progress on coops and buildings etc. By the time the weekend is over I think we are both ready for the "break" the work week provides. 

Easter Egger chick, such pretties! 

Cornish-Rock chick. Developing so well for us!

For now back out to work in the barn while the Princess of Screams naps...for what is never long enough :)


lisa said...

Sounds like you are going to be one busy young lady this year!

Paintsmh said...

We all are! But it is so much fun. Peggy loves to go to the barn with us. When she is "ready" after lunch she points at the window and goes oo oon ooo ooonn until I get her bundled up and we go out. She loves the rabbits and the ponies. The little ewe lamb Echo is her special friend. She will crawl right up to the stroller and stick her head in for attention. It is a wonderful thing to watch :)