Tuesday, April 07, 2015

It's Just

Hard some days to keep up with everything. Yesterday was just go go go. My own fault. I set the goal for myself of cleaning the brooder. Well this has become an undertaking and a half. It requires pulling all of the chicks out, putting them in boxes, shoveling it out, bedding it down, then putting them all back in. 

We took our smallest lamb with us to Easter. The twin to him we lost in a freakish accident. I won't go into details but we were simply heartbroken. Mo is still doing great though. So at least we have his sweet self to entertain us still.

With the mud and muck the horses are sloppy messes, no amount of grooming keeps their coats tidy, I cannot wait for the frost to be totally out of the ground, and for the dry up to happen so that 5 seconds after I turn out in the morning the grooming efforts I make aren't in vain.

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