Wednesday, April 22, 2015


Bitty baby bunnies :)

Makes even the best of us a little crazy. The busy work tidying the mess made by the winter months seems to usurp all hours of the waking part of the day. Lately the horses have taken to shedding with a vengeance. Red and black and white hairs cover every article of clothing I own. Literally. Doesn't matter how careful one is, or how many times one washes their jackets that fluffy hair of the cold time sticks to everything...Grooming is a dirty messy job as well, as the mud is just o so inviting for itchy ponies and geldings to roll about in and coat every inch of their bodies with the thick black stuff.

The chicks are growing like fiends, devouring every drop and crumb of food that comes near them. The cornish rocks ought to be ready for butcher within another 2-3 weeks. Four at the most. I look forward to seeing how much better they taste than the store bought, as I have always enjoyed the fresh taste of our extra roos that have ended up on the dinner table. 

Babies are abounding in other places as well. May, my beautiful meat mix doe, has a gorgeous litter of 5 kits. Two are white and black, one is pure white, one black, and one is a mix of black and orange that is evidently called a harlequin. The color is stunning, simply stunning. We had planned to sell the buck that came with May, and get an "upgrade" to a high pound production meat buck. Instead we are going to keep Button, as he has come to be known, to breed colored pet bunnies, and just get a second buck to cross her with for meat kits. Because well, that harlequin is staying with me, and I have had several interested in having it for a pet.

Our bum lambs are growing fools. Klondike is weaned, Echo is on the down hill side of being on milk, our other two, Mo and Monster Truck, are getting 3 and 5 feedings a day respectively. They all gobble their feed like they haven't seen a meal in months rather than hours. It makes for every day being filled to the brim with work and fun.
Last bum lamb for the year, Monster Truck

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