Friday, June 19, 2015

The Weekend

Ah Father's Day Weekend, when fathers young and old's thoughts turn to things such as Gas Up's, tractor pulls, bbq's and the hammock. Peg and I picked our guy up a cute card, and he gets to pick his activities for the weekend. I believe tomorrow we are going to the tractor show/pull at SunnyCrest in the morning, followed by an afternoon and a bbq lunch at the Gas-Up in Gallopville. It will be a great time for us all, as P loves motors and watching tractors run. 

Sunday morning I don't know if we have plans yet or not, but the afternoon will be spent at his cousin and her new husband's I Do reception. Another day of bbq, family, including a few folks who haven't been to visit in ages, and fun time for he, myself, and the wild one. 

I do believe this afternoon he and I will be taking a jaunt to go see if we can't find me something a little nicer than dirt and grass stained blue jeans and t's. May try and coax him into stopping for some ice cream if time allows. Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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