Sunday, June 28, 2015

So Much Wet

I have reached the conclusion that we no longer live in upstate NY, but rather in perhaps Washington where it rains so often. This has frankly gotten ridiculous. The plans to put in new pastures, new this new that, repair reclaim etc are on hold. The pond which is generally drying up this time of year is overflowing. Flood watches are blasting on the tv. It was a couple years ago today that the massive flooding occurred in the town I was living in with my new husband at the time. I am praying we don't see more today. I had hoped for a nice afternoon, as it is my dear nephew's birthday party today, but well as it is pouring out that obviously isn't going to happen.

Birds are moved around, I cleaned and tidied the upper coop that I used as a grow out for the Cornish we raised, and moved my BLR Wyandotte and her 9 babies up there. In another week or two I am going to pull them off of her, and move them in with the cochins, turkeys and the 5 other mixes that are in the big coop at the moment. There was a snafu with my bb turkeys, and I am still waiting for them. It may work out well, they will be right at the 21 week mark at butcher time, and well I was ready but I wasn't. We are going to move Mr. Blue and his two ladies, Smurff and Silver, up to the grow out to have a little coop of their own. I will re build the large outside run, make it nice and comfy for them, and hopefully we can start mixing and breeding our own Cochins for next year.  

If anyone has use for this rain, please, come and get it!

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