Saturday, July 11, 2015

Am I really seeing what I think I am seeing

Taken with my cell phone, so its a bit blurry

Mornings are my favorite time of day. Either the husband is off driving rig somewhere, delivering groceries and good, and P the wild is asleep, or they are both still resting and I can have a bit of quiet me time. This means sitting at the computer, coffee at my side, just resting for a few minutes, then tackling the multitude of chores that abound and delight me every day. The barn awash in morning glow from the sun, dew glistening like tiny diamonds bestowed upon the grass by some wealthy suitor, horses nickering for attention and feed (feed being their first request), chickens and turkeys and rabbits snuffling and clucking, and the lambs bellowing like old bulls fill my heart to the brim with joy at the new found day. 

This morning I took Sunny up to the paddock like so many mornings before, and there were the 2 cows that remain after decades of dedicated dairy farming. 8 years each they grazed peacefully, I stopped Sunny, just to look and feel the love for a life passed by, another small farm fallen to the burden of high taxes, low milk prices etc. Watching my lady Moon, and then turning to old Bama, 

I realized something just wasn't quite what it should be. 

 The joy of a new baby, and look at the rib on that old cow!

Small, perky ears, o that is a big fawn.

Wait a minute, since when do fawns come in black and white...Holy heck that is a calf! 

We thought Moon, if pregnant, should have calved back in late March or early April. I kept swearing my brain remembered a later breeding to the shorthorn bull we used to have. Promise. And sure enough I am not losing what few marbles were left in my tired mind. There bumbling behind the old girl was a bit of a heifer, at least a few days old, all dry and content, happy to trail behind her big black hided momma. I called mom and was literally incoherent with my joy. I've been missing cattle, and calves, to the point of driving my poor husband mad with my pleading for a bred heifer this fall. Now I need beg no more. We have a calf to raise to fill the freezer, and, once mom returns from camp so there is someone to watch the sprite that is my daughter, I have a cow to milk.  And a favored much beloved cow at that. The husband offered to, within reason, get me whatever bull I wanted to breed her with, in hopes of continuing my line of registered cattle. I believe I shall take him up on that offer.

Anyone know where I can find some Royland Jordan semen for a reasonable price?

Also these little beauties finally arrived. One little boy already thinks he rules the roost, and struts like a fool every time I open the brooder to check on them.


joated said...

My oh my, what a pleasant surprise! Just wait until Miss Peggy sees that new little girl! It will either be green-eyed jealousy or love at first sight! LOL!

Paintsmh said...

Joated they are already in love, and I believe Peg thinks Moon is hers all hers. Alas in this situation she is mistaken, but there is already discussion of purchasing her a heifer next spring to breed her a future line of show calves on :D