Thursday, October 15, 2015

Don't yah just love...

When your spouse gets home early from work? Jade left at 2am, and was home by 9 am yesterday. He got the front blade on the 4-wheeler and pushed manure pile up while I cleaned out coops. It is just so much faster, and easier on me, to just pitch it out the door, and have the 4-wheeler move it to the drop spot, instead of loading it into the wheelbarrow and pushing it out. So the two big coops got cleaned. Today I have to start on horse stalls, get the smaller brooder cleaned out, and get the hutches done. Manure...a never ending up hill battle on the farm. But heck things look and smell so good with all the fresh bedding. and the barn just seems so much brighter!

If anyone is interested, I have a few cochin cockerels for sale. Just let me know.

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