Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Keep Running

Our Big Blue

Things are so hectic and crazy here. Plans, and changing plans, and altering plans, implementing plans to see that the plan needs some tweaking. That is what fall is for us. The husband started ripping out the gardens Monday. Tuesday it rained, and the gardens were too wet. Changed plan to house work (blech I am an awful housewife). Today he is working extended hours, good for the paycheck, not so good for the process of getting things done. The majority of the family is going to Talladega for da big race. I may enjoy racing, but  I would much rather go to Vegas for the PBR World Finals.

One of this years black cockerels. 

So it is just the hubs, the sister, the kiddo and myself until sometime next week. I am dragging the last turkey from last year out of the freezer. I am just NOT going to have time to cook elaborate meals. Sorry guys turkey sandwiches, fix your owns and casserole, maybe a soup if you are lucky, is what is on the menu!

One of the mottled cockerels, I have two if anyone is looking...

Today I am hoping before they leave dad has time to move the skid steer up by an old icky building that is in need of a deep clean and an overhaul. If we can get it done in time for winter, the floor will be repaired, and a second coop and a set of conditioning pens will be built in it. I really want to get our Cochin breeding program off the ground so to speak. Right now I only have room to breed one rooster to 2-3 hens at a rip. I want Big Blue to have 5 of his own, plus a pen of mottleds and a pen of blacks. I am going to give Blue the best pullets and go from there. I only have one mottled female so I will have to start with her. 

He's got such pretty feet

This weekends project is building up the cow pen for winter, and building a second small pen. We are hoping to pick up a bull calf to steer, so if anyone knows of a nice Holstein, or beef cross for a reasonable price we are looking. I have to set up a butcher appointment for Klondike. I am hoping we have kept him long enough that he has gotten Echo bred. He's a stocky dude, and poor Mo our future breeding ram is still so much smaller. We are looking at a pair of bred barbado-katahdin cross ewes. They are gorgeous, and hair type, which would be so nice for me. I guess time will tell if we can get them or not, but we could really use some more ewes to build our flock, and hopefully provide us with lambs in the spring.
Blue's current harem

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