Friday, October 02, 2015

End of Summer

Hard to believe the summer is already over. The chill is heavy in the air, we have a frost warning for tonight, the remainder of the peppers and tomatoes need to be grabbed so they make it into our freezer. 

We are doing our end-of-year button ups as quickly as we can. Jade has taken a couple extra days off, started with his "vacation" yesterday. We spent the day making repairs to his grandmother's old Jeep. It needed front brakes and a new exhaust system.  Today we are working on caulking windows in our bedroom and the kitchen, Once that is finished we are going to the lumber mill/yard and picking up the corner posts we need to start doing lamb/calf/hog pens. We want to get the first one built, and then we are going to move the lambs over to it and start re-doing the last chicken coop and move some birds around. Klondike the monster lamb is going for slaughter after the husbands next pay check. I love lamb and cannot wait to get some fresh in our freezer. It has been many many years since we had one to eat. We are down to one chicken in the freezer, I am thinking if my RIR rooster doesn't sell he will be joining it. 

For the last few weekends we have been cleaning out the old heifer barn. The last of the old pens were ripped out, and all of the old debris on the floor cleaned up and hauled out. Now we have a huge open area that is just waiting for cow and small critter pens. We were fortunate enough to get a lovely wooden gate from the husband's grandparents last night. We are going to short term use it for the sheep front pen, and after we get a long term gate built I am going to use it for the front on lambing jugs once we get a few ewes to breed and such.

Big plans are in the making, hopefully as summer winds down I can post again with frequency. For now though it is time to go do my chores. Horses and chickens and lambs are likely hungry. Have a lovely weekend folks!

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