Thursday, October 08, 2015

Fall Fullness

It seems as if, every year, when it starts working on getting cooler, we are running around like crazy people. No matter how hard we worked all summer, we just can't get caught back up. Pens need to be built or repaired to hold stock that has been on pasture all summer. Flocks need to be thinned or re-arranged for the cold months. We are getting one last bast of warm, so I am holding off on harvesting the dredges of the garden. There are still some little peppers out there trying their best to grow. A few baby squash hold some promise, and there are a handful of tomato plants still working on their fruits. 

We had had hopes of getting a few apple and peach trees put in this fall. At this point I think it has faded to a dream for this year, and a plan for next spring. Things are just so crazy.

Yesterday we finally got the hood on my old jeep open. Darned thing was rusted right shut. I think the culprit for the problem was the radiator that blew 2 years ago. Alas my hood shall never be the same again, but frankly I use that poor SUV like it was a full sized pick up. Now to get the brake parts it needs, once we figure out exactly what they are, a new bell crank for the hood, and get the bugger inspected. I want my vehicle back!

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