Tuesday, November 17, 2015


The wild one helping with egg gathering

The past few weeks have just been crazy. So much busy-ness going on. We are slowly prepping the barns for winter. This seems to be something of a never ending task. 

Move this tractor, tuck it into that corner there, as it won't be used until spring. O those free poly-tech signs, lets use a couple of them to close in this side of this coop, it will keep the heat in for the birds better, and give the tractors some protection from the dust.

Phone call of hey hun Bill Sr has some rabbits he picked up at the auction, says there are some real nice meat bucks in the mix if you want to go take a look see and pick one or two out...come home with 12, including a lovely pet quality lop buck, a nice liter of kits, a broken chestnut doe, and a mix that is silver fox colored. Now every available hutch is full. Gee go figure.

This coming weekend we will be building cattle pens and feeders. Its a must do as winter is fast approaching, and the cows are still all out on pasture. Thankfully for us the weather has held fairly steady, cold at night but very nice most days.

The husband and I bought our little one several pumpkins for Halloween. However, after discovering that she is currently terrified of jack-o-lanterns we just left them whole while we decided what to do with them. We finally came to the conclusion one good idea would be to dry some seeds to try and grow a large crop of our own next year. So now on the side table is a pan full of seeds, and I do mean full. We probably kept aside far too many, but well we can give away or sell any extra plants we have, and if we put in a big enough patch of pumpkins we can sell those as well! I have been taking extra birds, roosters and hens that either are too aggressive for around our daughter or are just too whatever for our own flock, extra buck rabbits when we don't have enough to make butchering worth while, and plants to the swaps fairly successfully already. Jade and I would really like to add produce, meat, eggs and more variety of bed and house plants to our sale items next year. We know we have a long uphill climb to get the stock even remotely self sufficient, or at least able to buy SOME of their feed, but it is a lovely job.


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I want to bring the cows in by Thanksgiving, but it may happen sooner since they are predicting snow in the days before. I just as soon they stay out, but we'll see.

That is a lot of seeds!!

Paintsmh said...

It is indeed, but well the husband insisted. If all goes well we want to do at least 30 pumpkin plants of various sizes this year. They go for 10-45 dollars a pumpkin at the swaps and well it would be a nice side income.

Cows are still on pasture. Pen should be finished by this weekend. Various other projects etc got in the way of finishing it. I put most of the panels up this morning, have to go out and sweep and move a wagon then finished!