Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Babies and babies and babies

We are up to 13 little peepers now. More eggs pipped or chirping their little hearts out as they get ready to hatch. Here are today's newbies. Sorry I haven't kept up with photos of everyone. Some of the Cochins look alike right now, and we have 2 Belgian Bearded D'Anvers that are identical in color. Enjoy!

White leghorn cross, blue legs w/feathering

Buff colored cross, clean legs 

White leghorn cross, pink legs w/ feathering


ellie k said...

Do you have heat bulbs in each pin or is the barn insulated enough for the chicks? Love the babies and baby girl that is growing so fast.

Paintsmh said...

If they weren't under their mommas I would have them in a brooder with a light. Their moms have enough heat to keep them warm and comfy. Also with the current temps My barn is staying about 40 or so degrees. As long as we don't have another brutal cold snap they will be just fine.