Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Today's hatch

Got several more chicks last night. Couple brown egg layer crosses. I can't tell the eggs from the RIR's from the Sex links so I just got a few of each. One chick is off of my EE hens. It doesn't seem to have colored legs so I have doubts that it will lay colored eggs if it is female, 

But my bright light, my new shining moment, is the blue, feather-footed naked neck that hatched over night. I saw my husband's blue show Cochin rooster mating with one of our Turken hens that I bought last spring. I literally waited in the coop for a good half hour plus for that girl to lay an egg. I promptly snagged it and stuffed it under the one broody that didn't have too many other eggs under her. I am so thrilled with this baby. I cannot wait to watch it grow and develop. It is just about the coolest chick I have ever seen. 

Enjoy today's baby pictures!

Older chicks but the 2 Belgian Bearded D'Anvers

EE cross

Brown egg layer cross

Blue feather-leg naked neck

/Brown egg layer cross

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WendyFromNY said...

How fun is that? I can't wait either, keep us posted?