Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sacramento Invitational-Round One

The first go round in Sacramento is down in the books. Topping the go round was a tie at 89.00 points between Brazilian Leandro Mattos and California cowboy Chad Denton. Mattos rode Davis/White/PMS owned Chief. Chief has been out 28 times in his career and has been ridden sixteen. Denton covered a newer bull by the name of Wildeddie. Owned by Johnny Hoyle, he has only been out twice. Rounding out the top five were Matt Bohon, two time champ Chris Shivers, and eighteen year old Brian Canter. In all, nineteen men have ridden their bulls so far.

The second go draw is also posted. Matt Bohon has another Hoyle bull,
Tar Baby, who has been ridden 6 out of 18 trips. Andre Moraes has the go round one winning bull from Friday, White Lightning. World Champion Justin McBride has drawn Excalibur. McBride's buddy Ross Coleman just rode this bull on Friday for 84.00 points, so he should be able to give McBride an idea of what he will have under him. And finally, last nights winners will face new bull Zombie (Mattos), and old timer Mustache (Denton).

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