Monday, January 23, 2006

Sacramento Event

When the lights went out at the Arco Areno in Sacramento, 2004 World Champion Mike Lee had covered all three of his bulls, picked up 750.0 total points, and won his first event of this season. He rode Rudolph, Repeat, and Double Vision. His ride on Repeat won him the second go round with a 89.50. In all, nearly thirty men covered a minimum of one bull, a few covered all three that they were matched against with several others topping two for the required eight seconds. With this being the fifth event of the season, the first cut will occur at some point this week. A few riders who were 'on the bubble' will have managed to slip through and keep from being removed from the BFTS and dropped down onto the Challenger series. However, five others will not have been so lucky. The five lowest men on the BFTS, minus any World Champs that might have a low ranking, get dropped down and the top five that aren't all ready riding get brought up from the Challenger tour.

One of these riders will likely be Australia's
Brendon Clark. Clark has ridden exceptionally well in the last few years but just hasn't been able to put rides together this year. He has only managed to cover three out of the thirteen bulls he has attempted this year so far. This has truly been one of Clark's worst seasons on record when one considers he has successfully ridden both Little Yellow Jacket and Blueberry Wine, two of the hardest and most respected bulls the PBR has ever seen. He has also topped some other tough ones. Hopefully, he will be able to get back in the game and will return after the next cut is done.

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