Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Built Ford Tough Invitational

Results for the Built Ford Tough Invitational have been posted. With a total of 260.0 on three, Wiley Peterson was the only man to cover all of his bulls, ensuring him win number seven of his seven year career. Peterson's most impressive ride of the weekend was an even 90 on Page & Teague bull Black Smoke. Black Smoke has been ridden just three out of thirteen trips with an average buck off time of 5.34 seconds. Peterson's other two rides consisted of a 85.25 on Hornet from Paradise Farms, and a 84.75 on Stookesbury/Thorsell&Owen bull Freightliner. Following Peterson in the agregate for the weekend was Brazilian Allan Moraes, younger brother of two time World Champion Adriano Moraes. Allan's 87.50 on Ross Coleman's bull Dakota Country was enough to get him back for the short go round on Saturday, where he drew Paradise Farm's bull Jeopardy. Allan covered him for a score of eighty-six and a half and was only the second man to cover his bull in that go round. In all twenty one men covered at least one bull, with only Peterson covering three, and just two others besides Allan covering two.

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