Thursday, April 13, 2006

Nile Invitational

Results are up for last weekend's event. Topping the list was Brian Canter. This was his first win of the season. He rode three out of his four bulls for an agregate score of 258.0. Canter won the second go round on Saturday night with a score of 88.0 on Doug Butcher's bull Navajo. Canter, as did many others, came down off his short go draw, 7 of Hearts (Corey and Horst Rodeo Co. Inc). The only cowboy in the short go who didn't come up with a no score was Steven Shelley of Natural Dam, AR. He had put up two scores going into the go round, and covered another one of Corey and Horst's bulls, Stoney, for 87.25. This wasn't enough for first but it did move him up into fifth in the placings and pushed him up into thirty sixth in the overall standings. Filling out the remainder of the top five were new comer Marcelo Cruz, former rookie of the year(2003) Jody Newberry, and Chad Denton. In all, thirty four men covered at least one bull. High marked ride of the weekend was a tie between Canter's 88.0 on Navajo, and Denton's third go round winning 88.0 on Kamo Kat from Chad Berger and Chad Weishuhn.

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