Thursday, January 04, 2007

Let's Kick Off The 2007 Built Ford Tough Series With a Bang

The PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series has been on a bit of a hiatus for the last few months, since the completion of the World Finals, where Adriano Moraes shocked the bull riding community and captured his third World Title. Finally, it is time for the BFTS 2007 race for the championship to kick off. The first event is this weekend, down in New York, NY at Madison Square Garden. The draws have been posted for long go-rounds one and two, and the lineup of bull power is impressive. The world’s best riders are going to pit themselves against some of the best bulls in the business, in one of the worlds most famous and prestigious arenas. Adriano has pulled Evil Forces from Doug Joseph Bucking Bulls in round one and Red Jacket from Berger/ Daniels Bucking Bulls in round two. Evil Forces has been out 17 times in his career with four career rides, one for 91.5 by none other than Adriano last year in Nampa, ID. Red Jacket has been out a few more times than Evil Forces (a total of 41 recorded trips), and while Adriano hasn’t drawn him before, his fellow countryman Guilherme Marchi has put up quite a few successful rides ab oard the large red bull. After last season’s upset that took the world champion buckle from Marchi, he is going to really be wanting to make successful rides in hopes of putting himself back in the top position for another shot at the title. For round one Marchi has drawn the Page and Teague bull Time Machine, who bucked of Helton Barbosa back in round two of the World Finals. Round two will see Marchi taking on Berger Bucking Bulls star, Carmel Corn. Carmel Corn has been ridden 14 out of his 26 trips, with an average score of just over 82. Hopefully, Marchi will be able to put together a good pair of rides and do well this weekend.

One rider who I am thrilled to see back on tour is Kansas cowboy Dusty LaBeth. Dusty suffered a season ending broken femur last season and is just now returning to the tour. He’s going to be facing off with the Davis/Wilson/Happy-H Bucking Bulls’ Rainman. Rainman is brand new to the Built Ford Tough Series, and it will be interesting to see how he performs in this new atmosphere. Hopefully for Dusty he won’t be too shook up by the lights and sounds. Dusty has also drawn the John and Lacey Berger bull Lucky, who has been topped just 2 out of 11 outs.

Another guy returning from injury is Brian Herman. He’ll take on Page and Teague bull Jammin in round one and Bad Company’s Lowie Lowie in round two. Glad to have him back and ridding.

Last year's top rookie, J.B. Mauney, has drawn Copperhead Slinger (Chad Berger, Larry Ryken, and Carson Larson) in round one, and Berger Bucking Bulls Grandpa Joe. Grandpa Joe has had just one previous out, back in Columbus last year, where he was ridden by Luke Snyder for 82.3 points. With J.B.'s career riding percentage at just over 43, he should be able to put up successful rides on both bulls, and have a really good shot at getting into the short go.

My favorite cowboy, Cord McCoy, has got a pair of interesting bulls. Round one will see him pulling his rope tight on Satan’s Own from Bad Company Rodeo Co. Inc. (man, say THAT five times fast), while round two will pit him against the relatively new bull Droopy from Davis/Wilson. Droopy has had just one out in his career, way back in Reading PA, where Robson Palermo covered him for 85.5 points. Satan’s Own is another story. He’s been out 15 times, for eight career rides. Satan’s Own has been covered the last four times he was out, so hopefully this will give Cord a leg up so to speak, and he will be successful in putting a score on the board.

Two riders who will be sadly missing for a bit are Louisiana’s Chris Shivers, and Texico New Mexico’s LJ Jenkins. Chris will be sidelined for a few more months with a broken leg sustained while the PBR was down in Hawaii. LJ will be sitting out for about two months with a injury he sustained to his shoulder that required surgery. I really feel bad for LJ. He seems to be a bit injury plagued. Hopefully they will both be back soon.

I’ll post more about the NY, NY draws tomorrow. The rodeo will actually kick off Saturday and will be shown on VS at 7:30 ET.


nyvolfan said...

Liz can you give me the name of the bull in the picture that I still can't believe. I need to find one. Thanks

Paintsmh said...

That my darling big brother would have, i believe, been the bull Wrangler Rivets. I'll see if I can't find it. If I do I will post a link for it. :)