Friday, April 20, 2007

My Kid Brother Got So Lucky Yesterday

My baby brother, Alan, should really really thank his stars that I came home in a pretty great mood yesterday. I had gotten to hang out for a bit with a guy who is becoming a real close friend, and was still kind of riding that wave of general happiness as a result.

However, I was also really tired, and so opted to try and catch a bit of sleep before we went out to do night chores. About 5 o clock last night he knocked on my door, and it was one of those knocks where you could just tell something was really really wrong. He says to my still asleep brain, "Liz, I'm really really sorry, but I cut off the Blitz's tail'.

Now, to my sleep logged, and very tired mind, it came across as he removed her entire tail.

Whole thing.


And you gotta keep in mind this is probably my most promising Holstein yearling. The Blitz as she is known in our barn is Mandolin Rain's daughter by Fustead Emory Blitz, one of the top bulls in the country. Mandy as we all call her is a two time Junior Champion. Not to mention I am just crazy about both of them.

Let's just say I woke up REAL quick. And finally managed to discern that he had removed the switch of her tail, because he thought he would be helpful and cut all the manure balls out of it. Manure balls which, if he ever actually LISTENED to what was going on around him, he would have known were going to be washed out today or tomorrow, since the weather is finally nice enough to give ole Blitzie a bath.

Mom and Dad were actually madder than I was. After this week's tragedy at Virginia Tech, where I have friends going to school, the loss of the Blitz's switch to the baby brother was fairly mild. I even managed to laugh.

However, lets just say that Alan will receive a bit of punishment from my folks, and my cow must hang her head in embarrasment for the loss of her switch. You can read my mom's take on the whole subject over at Northview Diary.

Oh, and I will probably bust my brother's butt for this one for a long time. I keep telling him my cow got scalped...just like on that old Davey Crocket movie, with the river boats and such. It is giving me a good laugh. Though I probably won't be laughing come show time.


Cubby said...

It probably also helped that it wasn't as bad as you originally thought.

Paintsmh said...

Yeah, but it is still bad. Really really bad. And ugly.

Thanks for stopping Cubby.

Breezey375 said...

poor pretty little* not meant as insult blitzie....

Paintsmh said...

Yes, she is very poor now that she is devoid of her switch.