Sunday, May 27, 2007


How often do you see this happen? Every year I pick two or three young sires off of Select Sire Power's Super Sampler lists to use on the majority of my cows. You never know, you might get lucky. And over the last few years I have. Ocean-View Zenith graduated into AI stud. Canyon-Breeze Storm Atom graduated. And there have been a few others that I didn't get heifers out of, but that made it into stud. Select samples hundreds of Holstein bulls. And less than 10% graduate every year. Just to have two bulls that you used and got daughters off of make it into stud is amazing. I figured all my luck had probably been used up completely. I mean, I use so many young sires that I probably shouldn't be able to pick any that will not only make nice daughters, but will graduate into the 'Proven' group.

But I just checked out the new sire summaries for May. They come out every three months, February, May, August, and November. They are one of the few things I really look forward to. I have been watching for
Ocean-View Derry Zander to have a proof. I'd been keeping an eye on his prelims and he was shaping up pretty decent. Not too stellar in the milk department, but with a whole pile of type points, and a pretty decent TPI. I did a post on him a while back, but darned if I can find it (AH HAH. Found it, here it is). Another bull I've been waiting to see if anything was going to happen with him is Vital-I Durham Lewis. Mom and I both loved this bull as a young sire. Me in particular. Another Regancrest Elton Durham son, he is out of a 96 point Hanoverhill Lincoln daughter. and though I was either very young or not born yet when Lincoln would have been a 'big name' bull, I really love his daughters. They are big, long, dairy, and in this case inky black. I have two Lewis daughters, one, Sedona, is currently milking.

Guess what.

Both bulls graduated
. And I mostly like the looks of their proofs. Surprisingly Lewis has the better milk proof , but both bulls are very close on type.

I'll write more later. But I have to go rescue poor Hooter, my very very pregnant Jersey from the rest of the cows. Who are for some reason trying to beat her to death. Gotta love cows!

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