Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Here and There

The ladies workin' hard.

The Princess is finally napping again. She took a 10 day sabbatical from all things nap like. Wouldn't nap no matter what you did. Now she is down and dozing happily.

We lost almost all the young chicks to a fox one morning. 5 are left. Three pullets and two roos. They got moved into the main coop in their brooder to try and prevent any more tragedy. Farming isn't Disney. It's flesh and blood, loss and gain. The fox doesn't get along with the hound, and he sure doesn't cuddle up to the chickens for a nap. We'll be swapping coops more in the coming weeks. The five remaining babies will go in with Laura and Reggie, and her first grow out batch of guineas and such will move into the big coop with the main flock.

The turkeys got moved into the relative safety of the barn as well. With the weather turning they were miserable outside. Now they have the peace and quiet of the barn walls, with much less wind, and no rain falling on their gentle heads. I'll miss them once they become our dinner, but next year another group will fill their place, hopefully with a few breeding birds that can stay for years to come.

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lisa said...

We take the turkeys this weekend to get them taken care of. The chickens are starting to lay eggs, around 14 eggs a day. Yours look nice and happy. You and Jade did a great job with your poultry!