Tuesday, November 11, 2014


If weekends are restful for other non farming folks...please...don't tell me about it :)

Pullet eggs

The husband's new job has him working 4 days on call one, off for the weekend. The last couple weeks he's worked Monday thru Thursday off Friday to Sunday. So needless to say all those odd and end chores that didn't get done the last year or so, well we've been banging thru them lickety split. Friday, we built a new door for the old heifer barn where horses and ponies and chickens and cows and and and will most likely be spending the winter. The old rolling door had long since gone the way of old wooden things, and was no more than a missed memory. Now, complete with new rollers and a fancy handle and latches, there is a new heavy one in its place. 

Hawk at Jade's grandparents

Saturday we took a much needed albeit short break and went over to the Cherry Valley Toy Show. Jade is an avid tractor collector and just loves the shows. He's become good buddies with several of the dealers. As usual he came home with a few nice collectors edition models that he didn't have, two of which he'd never seen. And our little girl got given her first honest to gosh can play with it toy tractor (well skid steer but close enough) Troy, a fellow who the husband always talks to for ages and buys at least one cool thingie from, couldn't resist her little flirting giggles and grins and gave her a little model from the popular Johnny Popper book series. She loves it and hates to give it up when she's chucked it into something she can't be near. We also spent Saturday doing some tidying around the barns. Moved some baling twine into garbage bags, shifted feed into barrels seeing as the f****** rats have been chewing into all of my scratch and layer mash bags. 

Sunday we went visiting after a busy morning of chores and cranky babies. Spent a couple hours with my favorite Aunt and Uncle and their children then came home to crash and sleep for a start up to another busy week. 

He gave me some great shots

The weeks busy doings: clean coops, clean barns, care for the teething princess, feed all the critters twice a day, gather cute as button pullet eggs, clean barns and coops and barns and coops and nest boxes and feeders and waterers. O and laundry...ever...so...much...laundry....

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